Nature's Own Vitamin B1 100mg 100 Tabs

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Vitamin B1 is essential for the breakdown of glucose, the brain's principle source of energy. It plays a role in the maintenance of memory, mood and attention in healthy people and is involved in energy production in the body. Vitamin B1 levels can be diminished by the consumption of tea, coffee or alcohol and the elderly may have an additional requirement for this nutrient.


  • assists the body's production of red blood cells
  • helps maintain normal health of the heart and nervous system
  • useful for the maintenance of normal digestion
  • used generally for fatigue, times of susceptibility to infection and general health

Directions for Use

Recommended adult dosage 1 tablet 3 times a day or as advised by your healthcare professional.


Vitamin B1(thiamine nitrate) 100mg

Does not contain: added sugar, lactose, starch, gluten, yeast, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives, or animal derived products.

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